The Complete Book of Great Australian Women

Thirty-six women who changed the course of Australia

The Complete Book of Great Australian WomenThe achievements of Australian women have long been overshadowed by the deeds of Australian men. Susanna de Vries has remedied this with her outstanding research, and in this book she details the life stories of thirty-six courageous Australian women who broke down the barriers of prejudice.

From Mary Penfold, co-founder of Penfold Wines; Lillie Goodisson, pioneer of family planning; Eileen Joyce, world-famous pianist; three of our pioneer doctors and two pioneer lawyers who fought against prejudice in the professions to the saintly but feisty Mary MacKillop, who dedicated her life to the poor, the sick and the destitute; Enid Lyons, our first female cabinet minister; to Stella Miles Franklin, one of Australia's most widely acclaimed authors—these women have affected the lives of thousands through their achievements. These are the women that helped to forge the dynamic Australia we know today.

The Complete Book of Great Australian Women, a combination of Susanna de Vries's best-selling books Great Australian Women and Great Australian Women Volume 2, tells the stories of 36 women who changed the course of Australian history, women of all ages, widely differing backgrounds and from different States in Australia. A good read for women of all ages.

Sarah Frances 'Fanny' Durack (1889-1956) Annette Kellerman (1886-1975)
Louisa Lawson (1848-1920) Dame Mary Gilmore (1865-1962)
Martha Caldwell Cox (1854-1947) Dr Dagmar Berne (1865-1900)
Dr Constance Stone (1856-1902) Dr Agnes Bennett (1872-1960)
Joice NanKivell Loch (1887-1982) Eileen Joyce (1908-1991)
Edith Dircksey Cowan (1861-1932) Dame Enid Burnell Lyons (1897-1981)
Ethel Florence Lindesay (Henry-Handel) Richardson (1870-1946) Sister Elizabeth Kenny (1880-1952)
Sister Lillie Goodisson (1860-1947) Ella Simon (1902-1981)
Kundaibark (dates unknown) Florence Mary Taylor (1879-1969)
Roma Flinders Mitchell (1913-2000) Joan Mavis Rosanove (Lazarus) (1896-1974)
Mary Penfold (1820-1896) Sister Lucy Osburn (1835-1891)
Mary McConnel (1824-1910) Mary MacKillop (1842-1909)
Dame Nellie Melba (1861-1931) Stella Miles Franklin (1879-1954)
Rose Scott (1847-1925) Jane Sutherland (1855-1928)
Margaret Sutherland (1897-1984) Louise Bertha Hanson-Dyer (1884-1962)
(Caroline) Ethel Cooper (1871-1961) Margaret Rose Preston (1875-1963)
Kylie Tennant (1912-1988) Oodgeroo Noonuccal (1920-1993)
Nancy de Low Bird Walton (1915- Dr Catherine Hamlin (Nicholson) (1924-


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